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  • Are you suffering in silence?

    One of the reasons i have always been so passionate about supporting in the areas of mental health is rooted in my experiences as a child. Growing up, I was surrounded by strong black women, including my own mother, who were expected to present as both physically and mentally strong despite the stressors they face. When you bear witness to this standard over your childhood, it becomes your normal. It becomes your internalized belief that rest or asking for support diminishes character. My decision to become a therapist is rooted in my observations of the way people suffer in silence and the severe impact it can have. Over the years, I have learned the gift that is living authentically rather than constantly trying to uphold narratives that society expects. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok to not be so strong all the time. you are  human too. As a therapist, I see all too often the mental, emotional and physical toll this narrative takes on peoples mental health. It even creates a barrier to accessing support when the belief is that seeking support is a sign of weakness, rather than courage. It’s time to change this narrative and expectation of ourselves so we can reach our full potential and be healthy enough to showcase our excellence. Therapy is one of the best ways to start.